Liquid Bloom

Liquid Bloom was created by Amani Friend (from Desert Dwellers) in 2001 as a sound journey for healing and exploring inner states.
Combining nature sounds, world instruments, rhythmic chants, and medicine songs, the music under the Liquid Bloom label has always been deeply ambient and inspired by musical concepts rooted in the earth, meditation, and the power of sound to access trance states revered by so many ancient cultures around the world.
For almost two decades, Amani Friend has been leading the global project Liquid Bloom. He feels equally at home at international dance festivals, in yoga studios, and in more subtle sound spaces reserved for intentional ceremonies led by ancient allies.

Since its inception, Liquid Bloom has collaborated with various musicians and producers, such as Poranguí, Deya Dova, and Mose, to name a few. Together they have created a rich tapestry of sound that combines organic instrumentation with electronic beats and melodies. Liquid Bloom has gained dedicated fans and a reputation that transports listeners to distant lands and other worlds.

At the heart of Liquid Bloom is Amani’s passion for world music and his belief in the power of sound to heal and inspire. Drawing from his own deep spiritual practice and years of experience as a producer, Amani creates each Liquid Bloom track with intention and care, imbuing each one with a sense of magic and wonder.

Thanks to its unique blend of world music and electronic elements, Liquid Bloom is a pioneering force and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with sound. Whether on the dance floor or in combination with meditation, yoga, bodywork, or ceremony, Liquid Bloom provides listeners with a spatial sound path in search of inspiration and creative insight.