Hello, Dear Explorer!

This is your guide to an unforgettable adventure!

what is included in the ticket

Access to all full-fledged activities, concerts, lectures, workshops and circles

Access to the campsite

Access to sanitary facilities

Access to deep well drinking water

Parking space

Access to the Open Cacao Cauldron during the Cacao Celebration

Daily bonfires, jamming and flow

A unique combination of creators from around the world at one dream event

A unique combination of creators from around the world at one dream event

A gateway to transformation



Free, open-air camping area in a designated location, available to everyone.


More information soon


Atmospheric large tents with a floor, for max 4 people, equipped with beds, furniture and light, locked with a padlock.

930 € / tent


Dreamers tents for max 4 people, equipped with mattresses, sleeping bags and pillows, for light travelers.

524 € / tent

RV parking

If you are coming to us in a recreational vehicle, buy a place in the parking intended only for motorhomes.

38 € / RV


Departure: 3.07.2024

24 € / person


Departure: 7.07.2024

24 € / person


Departure: 3.07.2024

7,15 € / person


Departure: 7.07.2024

7,15 € / person

sanitary facilities

For your comfort in the outdoor sanitary zone, there will be mobile, enclosed toilet and shower containers equipped with sinks, showers, mirrors, soap, toilet paper, ventilation system, and non-slip flooring.

Outdoor showers will also be available separately. Every day, a cleaning crew will ensure the cleanliness of the facilities.

There will also be plastic cabin toilets (TOI TOI) available on the event grounds. A cabin for people with disabilities will also be available.


AUTO: The solution we propose and promote is to inspire you to connect on the go. If you have a place in the car – write it on the festival FB group. It’s a beautiful start of the adventure!

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: The best solution is to take a train to the station: PKP Skierniewice. From this place it is worth taking a taxi – the cost is about PLN 50, and the journey time is about 15 minutes. Look for a share ride on the FB group!


Your adventure requires equipment:


Vegetarian dishes from various cuisines, tasty food trucks, ecological and full of flavor dishes.

Flow zone

Exhibitors. Artists. Craftsmen and their work full of passion and beauty. Discover a market of wonders where craftsmanship, art, and services await explorers.

Healing zone & Lazy Forest

Exhibitors. A place with massages, natural therapies, sound and solace.


Open for you and to you will be ... Zones, Secret Corners, Places of Power:

In the mighty Tipi, around the fire with the tribe in the Tribal Village, there will be workshops, storytelling, temazcal, and jamming.

In the Cacao Tavern, your body and spirit will be nourished; every sip will bring moments of comfort and inspiration.

In the Czule zmysly zone of Tender Senses, workshops and activities will awaken and relax each of your senses. They will enrich you with knowledge, taste, touch, sound...

In the TAO Watchtower, we will delve into Eastern wisdom and experience it in practice.

The Oasis of Femininity, with a red tent secluded in nature, will provide comfort to women, enveloping them with herbs, circles, and sisterly power.

ART Forests, like beautiful trees, will grow in their natural artistry and creativity, inviting you to performative interaction.

In the Lazy Grove, saunas, hot tubs, and massages will take us into a world of heat, relaxation, steam, and ice.

In Dream Care, you will always find support, a helping hand, and comfort.


The children’s zone is a creative paradise where learning, art, play, and education come together in harmony, stimulating the imagination, curiosity, and desire to try new things in little explorers. An extensive programmatic zone of education, art, and experiential learning.


Let’s focus on empathy, kindness, and cooperation to create unforgettable memories together at the festival. Let’s follow the rules and respect each other’s space so that every participant can fully enjoy this time and our shared experiences are not only unforgettable but also harmonious with the surrounding environment.


From 0 to 100+ years


Alcohol sales and consumption are strictly prohibited at Dreamersland.

This is a transformative event open to a wide range of ages. Let’s be together – in naturalness and let’s enjoy nature, dance, and mutual respect. We promote spending time without alcohol and other substances.


Our picturesque area located in the Bolimów Forest, right on the edge of the nature reserve, opens up an extraordinary opportunity for us to immerse ourselves in the purity and harmony of nature. Being aware and responsible guardians of the common good that is nature.

During the festival, it is worth remembering a few important rules. Let’s take care of cleanliness and the environment by cleaning up after ourselves and properly sorting waste. Taking care of the cleanliness of the common space is our shared responsibility, which contributes to harmony with nature.

Let’s bring reusable dishes with us.

Let’s show respect for the wild fauna and flora, not entering the territories of the Reserve inhabited by animals, and respecting their living space. Let’s remember that we are guests in their home.


Many workshops and lectures are held in English. Some workshops in Polish will be translated.

Please keep your pets at home. It’s a space full of sounds, movement, children – so it’s also for their comfort.

Children up to 12 years of age do not pay admission, tickets can be purchased via the website. The reduced ticket requires age verification at the entrance. 

You can pay by card at some exhibitors and in the gastro zone. However, not everyone has a terminal available, and sometimes reception fails. We recommend taking enough cash. The nearest ATM is in Bolimów, 10 minutes by car.

We provide deep well drinking water from the intake. Please bring your own bottles and cups.

There will be a place at the festival where you can charge your phone. The solar station is provided by Ethy.

You can take your ticket on your phone, you will be asked to show it at the entrance. Let’s save paper 🙂

We welcome you to the festival area starting Wednesday, July 3rd, with admission beginning at 12:00 PM. Prior to this, preparations are underway on site.

On Sunday, July 7th, we kindly ask you to vacate the area by 7:00 PM