East Forest

East Forest is a multidisciplinary artist, producer, and ceremony guide. His work explores authentic living in a modern context through an introspective methodology that combines elements of live electro-acoustic music, nature, technology, brain science, and meditation.
His “ceremony concerts” use a trained instrumental repertoire to create space for an inner emotional journey. “IN: A Soundtrack For The Psychedelic Practitioner, vol. II” is the latest chapter in his continuously evolving career, which includes over 30 albums.
In his 2019 album collaboration with spiritual pioneer Ram Dass, the five-hour psilocybin sound journey “Music For Mushrooms: A Soundtrack For the Psychedelic Practitioner,” and collaborations with artists such as Jon Hopkins, Typhoon, Laraaji, Dead Prez, Nick Mulvey, Peter Broderick, DJ ANNA, and more, East Forest offers a unique blend of live electro-acoustic music, nature, technology, brain science, and meditation. As a pioneer in the global wellness movement, he offers guided meditations, retreats, a weekly podcast (Ten Laws w/East Forest), and lectures that lead students through a mind-body approach to non-religious and spiritually grounded living. He is a faculty member at the Esalen Institute and has collaborated with Google, the Johns Hopkins neuroaesthetics project, UCSF, Wavepaths, Consciousness Hacking, TED, Field Trip Health, is a co-founder of, and more.

“There’s a glue that ties everything I do together,” says the producer, teacher, and multi-instrumentalist. “My podcast, conversations, retreats, lyrics, events, and the music I make are all about inviting introspection. It’s about trusting the inherent wisdom of the individual who dives into their inner world and learns to make their own decisions. For me, this project has helped me keep my sanity. I want to share the experiences, tools, and sounds I’ve learned with others so they can get closer to their own essence.”

“East Forest not only creates sound, he creates narrative.” – Huffington Post

“An audiophile of another breed.” – The Untz