Welcome to ART Haven – a place of gathering and relaxation amidst the artworks and reproductions of SideWalk – by Tomasz Chodnik, and intricately woven Vegan Frame Drums from DoubleYouDrums, hand-painted to individual orders. In our colorful Art Haven, hearts will sway to the soothing and shamanic sounds of collective jamming or embrace the calming silence.

We invite you to experience a space where art, sound, and relaxation harmonize.

About Us:

DoubleYouDrums – is the cry of the “white deer” and the “black raven”, the realization of the path that guides me through intuition, the sound and rhythm of spirits, power animals and ancestors dreaming together for the benefit and protection of all beings on this planet. Guided by this spirit, we create Vegan Frame and Shamanic Drums, also for individual orders, leading you on a journey in the rhythm of life, hearts, and nature.

SideWalk (Tomasz Chodnik): A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts. Artist, graphic artist, musician and traveler. He creates drawings, paintings, murals and illustrations. Many years of artistic path led him to spiritual and visionary painting, to which he devotes most of his life energy.

His tool is art, and his philosophy is love, which is the voice that speaks through his work and his greatest inspiration.