Jagoda Maciaszek

Psychologist, psychotherapist, sexologist, tantric masseur. “I provide individual, couples, and family/group therapy sessions. I assist individuals facing difficulties in relationships with others, experiencing conflicts or life crises, a sense of emptiness, loneliness, diminished self-worth, and those going through life changes or dealing with psychological, emotional, or sexual problems. In a safe space and accepting atmosphere, […]

PhD Łukasz Marciniak (Kāmadeva)

Systemic therapist, a doctor of sociology, and a scientific shaman. He completed the training in Systemic Constellations (Taunus-Institut für Stilles Familienstellen) and the Transforming Presence course by Alan Seale. He studied somatic psychotherapy, mudra work in the Kuji-In tradition, and meridian gymnastics (Dō-in) in the Michio Kushi tradition. For several years, he has been following […]

Joanna Sajko-Marciniak (Rati SayMa)

Psychologist and certified psychotherapist in the field of Core Energetics therapy, according to John and Eva Pierrakos. She started her practice over 15 years ago with Systemic Constellations (certification from the Taunus – Institut für Stilles Familienstellen) and Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), earning a TRE Provider certification. She explores the path of NeoTantra […]

TaHata – Marcel Bird & Friends

TaHata – Space where your Mind, Body and Spirit Unite Welcome to the space where you can relax and rejuvenate during the Dreamersland festival, returning to your ‘senselibrium,’ which means the balance of senses and an open heart. See you at the TaHata Tent with Marcel Bird & Friends.

The Oasis of Femininity & Red Tent

The Oasis of Femininity is a space created by women for women. In this safe and cozy place, the magic of the present and presence comes to life. You will find here: Daily Women’s Circle Lectures on cyclicality and health Teas and Herbs Ceremonies and rituals Cards Sound journeys Meditation space Mayan cosmology Fairy tales […]

Anna Mrówczyńska -Dąbska

Relationship therapist specializing in working with couples in both conventional and unconventional relationships (including open relationships, non-monogamous relationships, and same-sex relationships). Practitioner of Recall Healing. Graduate of ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) and ISTA Practitioner Training, where she delved into the secrets of Sexual Healing. Completed the International Institute of Recall Healing led by […]