Trees of Gods

In the space of ARTu Backwoods, in the Crown of the Tree… one of the tales of light will take up residence…


I shone at the feet of arctic caves and desert rocks. I shone on the torsos of ancient statues and facades of Berlin tenements. Now, the time has come for the Bolimów forest and the Land of Dreamers. We will illuminate it with the light of projectors, which will evoke from the forest mysterious figures and fairytale creatures. We named them: “Trees of Gods” – for the purposes of the Dreamersland immersion. If you want to see in the crown of the tree a forest spirit, animated by streams of photons, I guarantee its presence!

Piotr JAN Janowczyk – Visual artist. Lecturer. Uses multimedia techniques to explore contemporary visual culture. Co-creates it as an author and translates it in lectures at universities and academies. As a creator, he uses techniques such as mapping, video projection, street art, and illustration.

In an old van, he traveled from Odessa to the Arctic Circle in search of rock painting, realizing dozens of portrait murals (Italy, Croatia, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine). He directed films: “Rama & Sita” based on the Ramayana from the palace in Jodhpur, India, the animation cycle “Masters of Art” and “Gniezno Doors”. For Requiem Records he realized “Le Baiser”, arranged by Meeting by Chance, and the video “O2” for “Leica Gallery” received nominations in two categories for the main prize at the festival in Cape Town. With the participation of dancers from the National Ballet in Warsaw, he directed the documentary “Basia, Let’s Dance”. Currently, he mainly works with video projections and mappings, placing them in inaccessible places (Arctic regions, Wadi Rum desert). For many years he has been giving lectures on the history of visual culture, which once took a separate form in the Artefacts program on the TOKFM station.