Touch Space

A space where we invite you to rest, calm down, drink chai and Guayusa, receive nourishing massages, and fall in love with ceremonial ceramics and handicrafts. Two massage stands are waiting for you here – practitioners of Access Bars massage, Access Facelift, Ayurvedic massage, fascia massage, deep tissue and tantric massage. In front of the tent you will sit on soft carpets and pillows, talk about body awareness.

09:00 – 10:00 – coffee of five transformations, Guayusa and chai
10:00 – 10:30 – show and joint practice of massage
10:30 – 11:00 – morning cuddling
11:00 – 18:00 – body work sessions
18:00 – chill & closeness

Access Bars masseuse, Access Facelift, oriental, hippotherapist.

Student of Gestalt psychotherapy – focused on working with
body and emotions while cultivating a connection with the inner self.
He sees, feels, supports, binds wounds, helps to find new ones
paths. An artistic soul carried by the wind of dreams and flowing with
a wave of intuition. She conducts women’s circles, cacao ceremonies and meditations
with instruments.

For several years, he has been following the path of knowledge and discovery
female power within.
He lives in connection with nature. It works with energy, it activates it
flow and dissolves blockages.

Michał – Masseur combining work with fascia with techniques
oriental massages. sports instructor. It develops along the path
massage and tantra. He draws his energy from nature. He explores by kayak and
SUP, mountain and lowland rivers. She loves life in accordance with nature, movement,
sports and body work.

Facilitator of transformation workshops, passionate about massage
fascia therapist and tantric masseur, holistic bodyworker.

A graduate of the Shachar Caspi Facilitation Training (Nativ, formerly
under the name: Art of Love School) and the School of Men’s Groups.
Certified Tantric Masseur at John’s International School
Hawken and Freya Wolna Paths of Transformation and graduate
International School of Temple Arts. Currently a participant
international Holistic Master Massage Program
Tantric in the House of Tantra.

Kasia – artist, ceramicist, photographer, works with the body,
dances contact improvisation, practices tantra and shamanism. Currently
also in Gestalt psychotherapy training. Working tools
with the body and psyche he uses in his own workshops
devoted to developing creativity and individual search
means of expression. He also runs an author’s studio in which
creates utilitarian ceramics and ceremonial objects. For the festival
will come with ceremonial ceramics – cacao drinking vessels,
ceremonial objects for practice and for home altars.