Temazcal & Balam Ahau

The Temazcal, also known as the Mexican sweat lodge, is a traditional healing ritual that dates back to pre-Hispanic times. It is a small, dome-shaped structure made of wood, adobe or stone, with a small entrance and no windows. The word “temazcal” comes from the Nahuatl language and means “house of heat”.

Temazcal ceremony is a powerful and unique form of traditional healing that has been practiced for centuries in Mexico and other parts of the Americas.

During the Temazcal ceremony, participants sit inside and are led through a series of rituals, chants, and prayers by a trained facilitator – “temazcalero”. The facilitator pours water onto hot rocks in the center of the Temazcal, creating steam that raises the temperature and humidity inside the lodge. Tradition refer to a feeling of coming back to a womb of a mother. Both as a physical act and spiritual act of reconnecting to Mother Nature.

The heat and steam are believed to have a purifying effect on the body, mind, and spirit, and participants are encouraged to release negative emotions, thoughts, and physical toxins through sweating and breathing exercises. The Temazcal ceremony is often used as a form of spiritual and physical cleansing, as well as a way to promote relaxation and healing.

*Temazcal ceremony can be physically demanding, and may not be suitable for everyone. It is recommended that individuals with heart or respiratory conditions, as well as pregnant women, should consult with a facilitator before participating in a Temazcal ceremony.


Balam Ahau is a group that has been created by Cardan Balam and Tako. The main inspiration for creating this concept was from music they play for people around the world in Hikuri ceremonies.
Their music is influenced by the Wirrarika culture, and they also incorporate instruments from all over the world in their songs. Through their music, they connect people with many different cultures around the world, along with showing their own ancestral roots from Mexico.


Carlos Daniel Balam

Musician, composer, cacao and temazcal ceremonies leader, social activist

Carlos was born in Atlixco in Mexico, in a young age his path crossed with Wixárika shamans and since then he follows a spiritual and self-growth path, traveling around Mexico and hosting shamans and Hikuri ceremonies in his own ceremonial space in Playa del Carmen, leading cacao events, temazcal and performing concerts. He is a co-founder of Colectivo Cultura Ancestral foundation and representative of the authentic Wixárika, Mexicas, Mayas and Cofanes shamans. Among others he is playing on a pre-Hispanic instruments, he’s a leader of Cardan Balam music band, Temazacalero and lover of Mayan culture. He and his family are working to preserve Mayan lands and inheritance, supporting local communities and eco building around Yucatan.

José Francisco Del Olmo Díaz aka Tako

Musician, singer, artist, temazcal leader

Tako was born in México City in 1973, raised in Cuernavaca Morelos were he established his artistic education beginning with the drama and theatre and followed by studying music and fine arts.
Since a young age he’s committed and actively working to preserve the ancestral culture of Mexico and developing in self-growth and awareness techniques, leading people through art, sound healing, perceptual learning laboratories, breath work and temazcal ceremonies. He organized more than dozen Holistic Festivals in the Riviera Maya, he is a dancer of the Sun as part of the “Fundación Cultural Camino Rojo” and a lover of the ancient culture and nature. He creates unique experiences for people so they can feel into their organic essence and reconnect with nature of which we are all originate.