Mag Magdalena Dolata

Fascinated by movement on many levels. She started her dance journey at the age of 13. Youthful passion turned out to be a way of life, thanks to which she graduated with a master’s degree in Choreography in Łódź. Currently conducts movement, dance and acting classes for groups at all levels and age categories. She […]

Marta Szotyńska

Since 2004, I have been training skills in the field of new circus arts. Starting with dancing with poi, fans and juggling, moving on to hoop manipulation techniques, which I am exploring to this day. I have over 15 years of experience in dancing with fire, which I gained while actively building the Polish fireshow […]

Monika Kruczalak

Artist, lover of contact with nature. She learned the arts of juggling a few years ago at the Polish seaside, which initiated her rediscovery of herself. Bringing creative spending time to life through movement, geometries drawn in the air with poi in a dance with fire and light. She feels very comfortable with poi, double […]


Hi, I’m Agu and I’ve been dancing for as long as I can remember. For many years of my childhood I represented a theater and dance group, thanks to which I took my first steps on big stages. My adventure began with Latin American dances, and later I discovered hip hop, house, jazz and modern. […]

Tosia Manowska

From an early age, she has been involved in ballet and other fields of dance. However, she finds herself most in contemporary dance and improvisation. One of her newest passions is fire dancing. She had the pleasure of performing in many performances and cultural activities. She combines many variations of each of the styles that […]

Mantra Ziemia – Karo Gawlik

Mantra Ziemia is a project that combines songs and stories in the spirit of shamanic practice, Slavic tradition, deep ecology, and authentic relationships. Its caretaker is Karo Gawlik – a singer and journalist on a journey. In her stories, she combines music, science, and spirituality. She creates ecological-themed reports, calls song circles, and serves with […]

Flying Carpet

Circle of Songs of the Heart on a Flying Carpet is a special event where we come together to embark on a journey through music and singing to our Soul and the peace we find within it. Songs of the Heart were born out of inspiration, in different times and places, and they help us […]

Piano in nature

“Piano in nature” at sunrise is an original project of the artist Tomasz Szwelnik. It is a unique celebration of music by the light of the rising sun, which awakens us to life, energizes trees, plants, our entire planet and the cosmos. Music “Piano in nature” at sunrise sun is a communication that opens human […]

Soundlove Medicine

“Stop for a moment, dreamer. Rest, wanderer. Immerse yourself in the space of positive vibrations. Here you have the opportunity to integrate your experiences thus far. To gather strength. To whisper with the Universe. We will take you on a journey through the lands of healing sounds. Here you will receive a soothing balm for […]

Klaudia Kandulska

Klaudia Kandulska a free fiery soul who will take you in her dance on a mystical fiery journey of transformation. Klaudia’s journey with fire and work with this element began 8 years ago with street performances which developed and opened her the most. For the last 7 years she has performed at many events and […]