Simon Wieland

Polish-born multidisciplinary artist Simon Wieland has established himself in the art world with his distinctive perspective and style. When Simon was 25 years old, his artistic journey began, and he became deeply interested in esoteric and ancient knowledge, notably the power of music, human awareness, and sacred geometry. These topics served as inspiration for Simon […]

Ancient Calling – Wiktoria Vogel

Wiktoria Vogel, also known as ANCIENT CALLING, is a 24-year-old female artist, painter, and graphic designer. She is currently completing a 5-year cycle of studies in Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. Her artistic style revolves around mysticism, symbolism, and visionary art. For the past 4 years, she has been actively […]

Wiktoria Alicja

Wiktoria Alicja is a visionary artist. She graduated from “Design” at the Faculty of Art in Rzeszów. For 5 years she has been actively working as a traditional and digital painter, creating original oil paintings, artistic prints and reproductions of her works. Her main inspiration is the mystical and ancient knowledge from around the world, […]

Mujeres Medicina Project

Marta Kowalska Mujeres Medicina Project. A sensitive soul, woman, explorer, traveller around the world and within herself, photographer. For the past 9 years, she has been living halfway between Poland and Mexico. It was there that she opened up to spirituality and personal development, which at the moment of burnout helped her meet her own […]

Trees of Gods

In the space of ARTu Backwoods, in the Crown of the Tree… one of the tales of light will take up residence…   I shone at the feet of arctic caves and desert rocks. I shone on the torsos of ancient statues and facades of Berlin tenements. Now, the time has come for the Bolimów […]


ArtForMind is a mobile psychedelic and visionary art gallery, founded by the artist Yana Istoshina in 2014 in the endless dense russian forests.<br><br> Having absorbed all the Yana’s artistic experience, her attitude and perception of the magic of life, the gallery has taken the form of a bright colorful art object that attracts with its […]

Side Walk

A wooden installation will permanently settle in the land of the Bolimów Forest, acting as support and a symbol of our collective transformative journey. The creation, born in the flow, will blend into the natural environment in harmony and accordance with the space. SideWalk (Tomasz Chodnik) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts […]

Hana Stanke

Hana stanke is a visual artist. Her art serves as a space for exchanging and connecting about the life experience. For her it serves as a window into her inner world, emotions and perspective.


Welcome to ART Haven – a place of gathering and relaxation amidst the artworks and reproductions of SideWalk – by Tomasz Chodnik, and intricately woven Vegan Frame Drums from DoubleYouDrums, hand-painted to individual orders. In our colorful Art Haven, hearts will sway to the soothing and shamanic sounds of collective jamming or embrace the calming […]