Slavic Prelude – performance

“SLAVIC PRELUDE” is a musical performance that delves into the roots of Slavic culture. The creation of the script was inspired by the Slavic Calendar and the symbolism of nature encapsulated in the four seasons.
The creators of the show, Agnieszka Glińska and Marek “Smok” Rajss, have crafted a thoroughly modern, yet deeply rooted interpretation of the primal Slavic world through a variety of creative expressions – music, rhythm, dance, indigenous songs, and bodypainting. This interpretation brings to life the rich tapestry of beliefs and rituals, all dictated by the rhythm of nature.
The dynamism of live music and Slavic songs, visualized through dance and artistry, transports the audience to a deeply emotional level of experiences and primal meanings for which we yearn.
Performed by the Art Color Ballet, Wataha Drums, and the vocal group Strojone, the show presents to the modern viewer a colorful world of the Slavic cultural archetype, filled with magic and curiosities.
The ensemble is comprised of professional dancers, enthusiasts of dance and painting art, performers, acrobats, musicians, visual artists, and makeup artists. By combining such a wide array of artistic expression mediums, the team has developed a new form of expression.

Choreography, direction, and visual design: Agnieszka Glińska
Music: Marek „Smok” Rajss
Traditional songs: grupa wokalna Strojone

This multisensory live spectacle, offering an unforgettable experience, awaits you during Dreamersland 2024.