Simon Wieland

Polish-born multidisciplinary artist Simon Wieland has established himself in the art world with his distinctive perspective and style.
When Simon was 25 years old, his artistic journey began, and he became deeply interested in esoteric and ancient knowledge, notably the power of music, human awareness, and sacred geometry. These topics served as inspiration for Simon as he started to develop his own artistic style and incorporate these ideas into his works. Through the use of shapes and proportions taken from sacred geometry, he is able to give viewers of his works of art a singular viewpoint and a calming experience.
All of Simon’s artwork is hand-drawn, typically on dark backgrounds using metallic inks. This colour combination produces a special contrast and depth that is utterly captivating. At the moment, Simon lives in London, where he keeps experimenting and developing his art, moving beyond drawings to murals and video animations.
Simon has developed a reputation as an artist who consistently pushes limits and investigates novel concepts thanks to his passion to his profession expanding his creations from drawings to murals and video animations. His distinctive style and viewpoint continue to inspire others. An artist whose enthusiasm for his work is visible in each piece he produces.