Sauna Steamstation

We are the Parostation Sauna – a wooden and natural, and at the same time cosmic-psychedelic, colorful rolling bath.
We treat baths in hot steam as a ritual.
We work with the medicine of the elements: fire, water, air and earth, as well as what the plant world gives us.
We create a safe space: social, open and honest, where we leave everything artificial outside. It’s a mother’s womb to which we return, throwing off our clothes and masks to be born again. A meeting place where together, among friends, in mindfulness and respecting boundaries, we come to reconcile ourselves with nature.
We are heading towards the Slavic roots, at the same time combining the customs of various bathhouse cultures from around the world – pyrtys, banya, hammam or sweat lodge. Discovering forgotten traditions inspires us to constantly search for new ways to experience extreme temperatures and to treat the sauna as a laboratory for constant multi-sensory experiments.

The parostation is run by a couple – a sauna builder, massaging with twigs – Wit Lucjan Morawski and Natalia Xymena Ambroziak – dealing with deep fascial, psychedelic and tantric massage and working with Kundalini energy.

You will experience with us:
– rebirth rituals – journeys into different states of consciousness with the help of deep massages releasing emotions and tensions from the body, combined with intensive work with intention and breath
– group aromatherapy ceremonies and sessions
– fruit, honey and chocolate mysteries
– common breathing, movement and meditation
– chanting and opening the voice at the Shruti Box
– stimulating twitching
– soothing baths in the sounds of bells, bowls and gongs and the smell of incense and oils
– sensual relaxing massages
– myofascial release
– tantric healing sessions
– natural nourishing scrubs, masks and clays

On a daily basis, you will find us near Warsaw in the Parostacja Health Resort in Marynin.

During the festival, we will be offering tension-relieving massages and sauna healing sessions during the day by booking.
Make an appointment directly at the stand or via messenger / SMS at Xymena-793005533

In the evenings – without registration – we invite you to an open sauna with aromatherapy sessions and special night sauna ceremonies with switches, instruments, incense, fruit, peelings and other attractions.

Around the sauna, you will find a wide-ranging chill zone with a tub with a jacuzzi, a bonfire, music, blankets and deckchairs.

See you!