Rock Balancing Ice

We are the Rock Balancing Ice band, which offers a barrel of ice for the hot days of the festival.
For three years, we have been conducting workshops of conscious work with the cold, which some call winter swimming, but for us it is a gateway to change and building balance and harmony in life. We also organize development workshops for women, during which we swim in ice with flowers … . In a healthy lifestyle and conscious work from the cold, we see the possibility of transformation towards a better life. In addition, we offer participants meditation on arranging stones, following the example of Rock Balancing Art.


At the festival, we offer the possibility of conscious work with the cold, under our supervision, because we are very experienced in this field. We give instruction and care. Jolanta Trzcińska is KPP and one of the most experienced people in Poland when it comes to staying in the ice and swimming in every respect. We have organized over 30 workshops and we have training and knowledge from the best paramedics in Poland and in the world (cooperation with the Rescue Center and Piotr Marczewski, 20 workshops with Valerjan Romanowski and co-organization of the Polish Championships in Walrus in 2022)