Reinhardt Buhr

Reinhardt Buhr, the multi-instrumentalist and live looping artist from South Africa, effortlessly blends the sounds of Flamenco guitar, electric guitar, electric cello, synthesizers, flute, didgeridoo, shofar, percussion, and vocals with remarkable finesse and skill, using a live looping station.
His music comes to life in a breathtaking display, crafted live and in the moment, right before the eyes of the audience.

Reinhardt’s musical journey began in 2010, and since then, he has garnered widespread acclaim for his captivating live performances around the world. His unique talent has struck a chord with audiences globally, resulting in an impressive online following of over 1 million fans, with his videos accumulating an astonishing 200 million views.

Reinhardt’s discography boasts an impressive collection of 13 albums, each showcasing his evolution and unwavering inspiration. The music crafted by Reinhardt Buhr transcends boundaries, evoking profound emotions and introspection, leaving you feeling refreshed and inspired.