PRo – Przestrzeń Rozwoju

Psychosomatics. Relaxation for the body and peace for the mind.
We offer body reading sessions and CUD Balance – i.e. manual, vibration and energy therapies on the way to balance on all your levels – body, mind and spirit.

Body reading is an element of psychotherapy in the Core Energetics trend. The basis is understanding that the body is a reflection of our mind, our entire history is written in the body. The other way around, it works so that through bodily practices we are able to influence the state of our mind 😉. During 30-40 minutes, in the most comfortable conditions I can create, I will watch your body and tell you what energy blockages I see and what you should currently work with in order to release your potential. I will give you 1-2 simple exercises that you can do even a few minutes a day, and which will open you to the experience of living to the fullest.

This session is based on my viewing the body. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, so you undress as much as possible, up to your underwear (😜) and I watch your body with love ❤️ and full acceptance 🌹.
This work, apart from observation, consists in dialogue and performing simple techniques of working with the body, breath, emotions and mind.

I invite you to meet your fears in a safe space and my accepting presence.