Orka & Stav Goldberg

Orka is a musician, singer-songwriter and teacher whose passion lies in spiritual development, ritual artistry, and ceremonies. In her journey for the past 14 years, Orka has explored the ceremonial, spiritual, and healing aspects of music, holding space and singing Circles. Orka released several albums with different bands she led as well as her solo project and tours the world with her concerts, workshops, and retreats.
In Dreamersland, we will also meet her in a communal singing circle.

Stav Goldberg is a composer, virtuoso pianist, and international performer. Stav is known for instrumental performances that present his original works, along with the improvisation of compositions born during the performance, through open communication with the audience and mutual sharing of the creative process.
A unique pairing of piano and a beautiful, deep female voice, that brings together songs of prayer and intention from a variety of cultures, creating a powerful connection between spirit and music.
“We are musical alchemists, taking the raw elements of spiritual songs and prayers from different cultures and transmuting them into a new, jazzy form that crackles with energy and complexity, transforming light into dark and dark into light.”