Mujeres Medicina Project

Marta Kowalska Mujeres Medicina Project. A sensitive soul, woman, explorer, traveller around the world and within herself, photographer. For the past 9 years, she has been living halfway between Poland and Mexico. It was there that she opened up to spirituality and personal development, which at the moment of burnout helped her meet her own shadow, see the light, and regain her lost passion for photography. She is inspired by nature and man – his body, soul, and emotions. She is close to the philosophy of wabi-sabi and ikigai. Marta’s mission and dream is to soon embark on a journey around the world, photographing and recording the wisdom of traditional healers from various continents, as part of a long-term personal project “Mujeres Medicina”, which began with the documentation of a women’s circle in Mazunte, Mexico. After meeting traditional healer Joyce in Uganda, Marta realized that she wanted both male and female healers to be included in the final album, so the project is alive, evolving, and will soon change its name. Enough of divisions. Currently, the artist focuses on photographing the elders of traditional healers from various cultures and traditions. The author plans to conclude her project with the publication of an album with photographs and wisdoms of the encountered healers. Marta’s intention is to inspire people outside the “spiritual development bubble”, who will have the opportunity to see these photographs during exhibitions in galleries, to open up to traditional healing methods and the wisdom of the elders, which can help humanity overcome the crisis of depression, loneliness, and numbness, which are a real epidemic of Western cultures.