Mateusz Poterański – Maatai Arts

Dancer, circus artist, performer, masseur, writer, leisure time animator, actor.

Wholeheartedly an artist and a human being. Always on the road and always in place. His greatest love of his life is dance. Thanks to conscious movement he experiences connection with his body and heart. Dance makes him understand himself better and connects with other people in a more harmonious way.

He creates, therefore he is. Intertwining different worlds. Making new paths in respect of the old. He is a euphorist; admiring life, letting in all that surrounds him and pass in on enriched by his love. Cause life doesn’t weave itself, life is weaved with our perception.

6 years ago he set on a path of circus arts, looking for new means of expressing movement. With circus came new, amazing abilities but most of all Mateusz circus arts let himself nurture his inner child, travel the world, meet new cultures and also use social circus methods to help children struggling with difficult life situations.

Mateusz looks at the surrounding nature with unchanging delight, trying to express it at least a little through his poems, because all is poetry. This year, like the last, his poems will envelop Dreamersland’s space in tenderness.

Daily props – buugeng, contact ball,
mini hoop, 8 rings, levistick, contact staff, juggling, balance with objetcs
Fire – contact staff, double staff, 3 staffs, palm torches, transfers
LED – contact ball, buugeng, levistick, contact staff
Optical illusion and magic tricks

Publishing poetry as @Cudne Manowce – Wracając Do Siebie
Doing massages as @Dotykamy Serca – Masaże Terapeutyczne
Co-founder of @WIR – Artist Collective.