Maok is a Slovak musician, improviser, film composer, and multi-instrumentalist. He composed his first pieces at the age of fifteen. In addition to working on film music, Maok devotes his time to performing live concerts, organizing music workshops, and collaborating with other musicians and artists from various artistic fields, such as theater (Zuna, Argolla), pantomime, photography, meditation, visual arts, and poetry. He collaborated with the singer Eniesa, who inspired the title of one of his albums, and together they recorded the album On The Surface as part of their joint project Melme Arya. Other musicians with whom Maok has worked and created include Vojtech Havel, Karel Babuljak, Maria Kmetkova, and others.
“Sound and music are my life goal. It’s a story of forgiveness, liberation, healing of deep soul wounds, and finally finding the center and peace in the heart, so that one can enjoy the beautiful dancing freedom.”

Maok likes to explore new sound territories. He has explored the musical potential of plastic bottles and other very interesting instruments that at first glance have nothing to do with the world of music. He allows music to flow through him and does not limit it to specific genres. Maok is open, free, lives, and creates in the present.

His first steps in the world of music led him to the art-rock band Volvic Pic, of which he became a member. However, he eventually decided that his path was a solo one and at the age of 23, he completed his first film music for a student production Netto Bruto Netto2. From that moment on, he focused solely on film music. Maok’s first significant work was for Slovak director Richard Krivda’s film, Fly, Fly, All Who Have Feathers, followed by a collaboration with director Pavel Barabas on the film Sources of the Tatras in 2006. They were both thrilled with their work together and eventually added six more films to their list of projects for which Maok composed the music. The film “Tatras – Wild Realm Frozen in Time” even achieved great success at national and international festivals. In 2007, Maok worked with Polish director Alicja Witkowska on the film Wake Up. Maok was also a member of the team that worked on the co-production film Bathory directed by Juraj Jakubisko. The music for this film was nominated for the Slovak National Film Awards “Slnko v sieti” in the category of Best Film Music.