Klaudia Kandulska

Klaudia Kandulska a free fiery soul who will take you in her dance on a mystical fiery journey of transformation.
Klaudia’s journey with fire and work with this element began 8 years ago with street performances which developed and opened her the most. For the last 7 years she has performed at many events and festivals in Poland and other beautiful parts of the world from which you can recognize her.
For several years, he has also been conducting various workshops and individual classes aimed at opening other beings to their inner expression and working with the element.
For me, fire is a unique element that has been suppressed in me for many years. By working with this element, a lot has changed in my life. Dancing with fire is not an ordinary dance for me, it is a ceremony of conscious work with energy and the element of fire filled with intention. It aims to transform the energy from the field that flows through me. My dance is an extension of my expression and connecting with fire balances my water and brings to life what is new on earth.
Working with this element has taught me a lot of humility and mindfulness that I can feed in myself on a daily basis.
I feel great gratitude that I am able to explore the knowledge of working with what is on earth through the elements.
Klaudia works with people on a daily basis through the body, massages and healing energy. She also creates grounding power amulets from the gifts of nature that come her way in her travels and many other wonderful things.