Joanna Sajko-Marciniak (Rati SayMa)

Psychologist and certified psychotherapist in the field of Core Energetics therapy, according to John and Eva Pierrakos. She started her practice over 15 years ago with Systemic Constellations (certification from the Taunus – Institut für Stilles Familienstellen) and Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), earning a TRE Provider certification. She explores the path of NeoTantra and sacred sexuality, learning from Anne Moir, Prem Santoshi, and Veechi Shahi, along with experiencing ecstatic and intuitive dance, various forms of active meditation, breathwork techniques, and massage. For many years, she specialized in relationship work as a psychologist in the Mars-Venus Institute of J. Gray. She offers individual and couple sessions, group workshops, and women’s circles, awakening power through movement, dance, expression, and the forces of nature in the stream of Heart Elements (Corelements).