Herbaciarnia Uważność

We express ourselves through Mindfulness, paying attention to the potential hidden in the daily ritual, which has the ability to give us the fleeting moment, harmonize and restore the desired peace in the rush of everyday life. For this purpose, we use the highest quality teas, which we treat in a ceremonial way. The practice we conduct takes on both a social dimension, in which the participants are devoted to the collective experience of the tea ceremony, and plays a more intimate role, through individual connection with tea, allowing for an insight into one’s inner self and entering into a meditative state. We care about establishing relationships in a circle, perceiving the depth of sensations coming from the senses, drawing on the knowledge of other cultures, and contacting our inner Intuition.
We also promote light, vegan food, prepared by us with special care, with care for the quality of ingredients and the process of preparing each dish.