Guardian of the Three Treasures of Tao

Trees will surround this place of stories, passing on the blessing of nature with a quiet rustle of leaves. Words, full of peace and respect for life, will weave a mystical dance between Jing, Qi, and Shen – Essence, Energy, and Spirit, revealing treasures dormant deep within us.

During the treatments, hands flowing in rhythm with the energy of the universe, will correct subtle imbalances and open new doors for you to harmony, deep inner cleansing, and peace.

By day and in the glow of stars at night, through story, ceremony, experience, canvas, and creative movement, you will embark on an inner journey integrating body, mind, and spirit in silence and unity with Tao.

Guarding the three treasures will be:

Włodzimierz Wilczkowski

A therapist and master of Qigong, martial arts coach, master of the North-Tibetan Monastery School “Lun Hu Chuan”, Master of the Vietnamese School of De Ngat Kung Fu Kuen Zap., a certified naturopath (east. reflexotherapy, manual therapy, bioenergy therapy, dietetics, herbal medicine), a graduate of postgraduate studies at the AWF in Kiev, specialization in martial arts coaching and rehabilitation. A member of the International Association of Professional Complementary Medicine and Healing Specialists, a student of Eastern Tao Masters, he has received a number of Taoist and Buddhist initiations.

Long-term practitioner (over 40 years) including work in the Far East, Ukraine, Russia, Western Europe, the United States, South America.

Founder of the Taoist School of Conscious Living “TaoArte” in Warsaw.

For years he has been popularizing Far Eastern health techniques.