Fairy Tales of the Earth Tribes

Fairy Tales of the Earth Tribes are ancient traditional stories from many corners of the world and those that come Now… They are a mosaic of voices, words, songs, silence, and the sound of instruments. They contain patterns of beauty, from which Worlds are woven. A fairy tale is the power of creation at the source, it is the Fire of the Living Word, it is timeless, and all-possibility. A fairy tale carries teachings, wisdom, and depth; it revolves around the same immutable ancient eternal Truth passed down through generations so that humans remember who they are.

Magda Polkowska Aiszima has been traveling with the Fairy Tales of the Earth Tribes in Poland since 2012. This journey began overseas long, long ago, where Magda led the Ancient Storytelling Theater, drawing inspiration from the Traditional Peoples of North and South America and Siberia. In 2022, the first volume of the Book of Fairy Tales of the Earth Tribes was created.