Elina Jaatinen

Elina Jaatinen from Finland, an emotional alchemist, emotional healing therapist, workshop facilitator, and presenter of The Journey Method. A living water enthusiast. She creates powerful spaces for connecting with one’s authentic inner strength and discovering the “true self” through deep inner work. She works in workshops and individual sessions. She studied international politics and sociology at Oxford in the United Kingdom. After returning to Finland, within a few years, she began her studies in life coaching and has been working in this field since 2010. A significant change in direction and a step deeper into her spiritual growth and personal development was her encounter with The Journey, also known as the Journey Method, which for many years has been her personal and professional path to her true roots. The Freedom from Generational Chains workshop is an immersion into generational patterns, passed down trauma, and blockages that still play an unfavorable role in our lives. This 1.5-hour workshop is a liberating experience during which we will perform active inner work with open and closed eyes, alone, in pairs and small groups, as well as collectively, smoothly transitioning from one to the next. By allowing the body to release what no longer serves, we make room for true connections, lightness, and love.