Dominika Adamczyk

LECTURE: Nutrition according to Chinese medicine

What is most fascinating about Chinese medicine is the principle that there is not one prescription for everyone. Everything is relative because everyone is born with a different energy constitution and it depends on this what will be beneficial for them in terms of food and what will not. For some, millet groats are healthy, while for others they may not be as beneficial. This is also influenced by geographical location and the seasons. Ultimately, our emotional state, thoughts, and self-awareness will influence the effects of our food. And while this might seem very complicated on one hand, in reality, this knowledge gives us freedom and a deep self-awareness.
Dominika Adamczyk – A Traditional Chinese Medicine dietitian for 15 years, founder and director of the alternative primary school Turkusowa Szkoła in Warsaw for 7 years, mother of two. In accordance with Taoist philosophy, she seeks balance in all aspects of life and strives to be more of an observer than a participant in the surrounding reality.