Dawid Rygielski – Ancient Grains

Lecture: Holistically about Ancient Grains

Ancient grain varieties tell us a great deal: from the way they are cultivated, the beneficial properties of their seeds for health, to the history of our civilization and its origins. Archaeological excavations in Turkey, Israel, and Austria reveal that Emmer Wheat (I capitalize it out of respect) was already present in an unchanged genome at least 12,000 years ago (!). From the beginning, I found it very intriguing why Einkorn Wheat or Emmer Wheat still possess the same DNA, even though plants tend to crossbreed and exchange genes. Not to mention modern modifications, which, as it turns out, have not affected these two grains (!). This knowledge brings back the awareness of Slavic heritage, the essence of our roots, ancient rituals, and wisdom inscribed in our language. The old grain varieties, our plants of power, are also returning! My adventure with magical Ancient Grains began 8 years ago. I never intended to engage in agriculture; I worked in the music and photography industry and lived in big cities until… I felt the calling. I am an example that it is never too late. I am not an expert in agriculture, and I approach many aspects of farming intuitively. I am here because I hope my story might inspire you a little, and perhaps you, too, will find your plant? Anyone can become a farmer! Currently, I take care of nearly 15 hectares of beautiful land in Warmia. Collaborating with the soil and billions of organisms living in every cubic meter of it, I sow Emmer Wheat and Einkorn Wheat, alternating with other valuable plants, following the principle of essential biodiversity. I learn, observe, receive, and give. Because it happens holistically, fully, multidimensionally.
Thanks to the openness of the Dreamersland space and support for ecological initiatives, working with the Earth in harmony with Nature and cultivating ancient grain varieties you will also be able to taste dishes made from Emmer Wheat and Einkorn Wheat. Your children will have the opportunity to explore this topic through small workshops: we’ll grind the Ancient Grains on stone mills with them, make unleavened bread, and bake it over the fire. Come, feel, eat, and tell us how you feel! Let this story continue!